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2 Krazy Ladies

$ 18.99 

Adorable Set of 5 Wooden Pun Themed Plant/Garden Stakes

This cute set of wood laser-cut Plant stakes includes 5 Pun-themed markers. These come in 2 sizes 6" x 3" or 5"x 2.5" wide and are made of stained wood. The gardeners or those that think they are gardeners will love these!

This set includes:

Flower POWER!
Sometimes I wet my Plants
Talk Dirty to me
You are my Sunshine!
Befeaf in yourself!

If you would like to switch out some of the sayings to make a custom set we have the following sayings available. Please just include your choices in the personalization section. If nothing is sent we will send the 5 sayings listed above!

Additional Sayings available

Plant Addicts UNITE!
Pot it like it's Hot!
Love 'em or Leaf 'em
You Grow Girl!
I am Rooting for you
Tell me I'm Pretty
Have you forgotten me?
Green Thumb you are NOT
WTF did you feed me?
Help Me! I'm dying!
WTH am I doing in the Bathroom?
Something STINKS in here!
NOT a litter box!
I can't unsee that!
Time to call Hospice!
You should go Fake!
I think I'm Drowning!
How am I still Alive?
My owner is a Serial Killer
The Cat is looking at me funny

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