About us

2 Krazy Ladies LLC - Handmade, Personalized, Monogrammed Gifts & Accessories

Our kids have grown up.  Now, what do we do with our spare time?  

We work full time during the day creating computer designs for a fabulous company but found our evenings too quiet without demanding children to occupy our time.  We decided to join the craft circuit.  We sell many great hand sewn items online.  We journey the craft festivals in North GA in the Fall- selling an extensive line of wreaths and many other great crafts.  We try to keep our prices low and our quality high- so we can get great joy out of what we do and make a small profit too.  

We hope you enjoy our products.

Mailing Address:

900 Cass Pine Log Road

Rydal, GA 30171

Email - 2krazyladiesllc@gmail.com

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/2krazayladiescrafts-