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2 Krazy Ladies

$ 18.99 

Adorable Set of 5 Wooden Pun Themed Plant/Garden Stakes

This cute set of wood laser-cut Plant stakes includes 5 Pun-themed markers. These come in 2 sizes 6" x 3" or 5"x 2.5" wide and are made of stained wood. The gardeners or those that think they are gardeners will love these!

This set includes:
Plant Addicts UNITE!
Pot it like it's Hot!
Love 'em or Leaf 'em
You Grow Girl!
I am Rooting for you

If you would like to switch out some of the sayings to make a custom set we have the following sayings available. Please just include your choices in the personalization section. If nothing is sent we will send the 5 sayings listed above!

Additional Sayings available
Flower POWER!
Sometimes I wet my Plants
Talk Dirty to me
You are my Sunshine!
Befeaf in yourself!
Tell me I'm Pretty
Have you forgotten me?
Green Thumb you are NOT
WTF did you feed me?
Help Me! I'm dying!
WTH am I doing in the Bathroom?
Something STINKS in here!
NOT a litter box!
I can't unsee that!
Time to call Hospice!
You should go Fake!
I think I'm Drowning!
How am I still Alive?
My owner is a Serial Killer
The Cat is looking at me funny

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